Looking back 2 years ago you could safely say, I was in a rut of noting know what I truly wanted for myself and what direction I wanted my life to go in.

Yes I was a new mumma again
But I had lost who I was inside of me
I would sit on the end of my bed, and think of what I had down before I had my amazing children and I honestly couldn’t answer my own question.
I couldn’t say who I was.

The universe was giving me an opportunity.

All of us will experience a turning point, something that tip’s us over the edge or smacks us in the face.
A fork in the road, a crossroads, where we will have the opportunity to gather ourselves together again.
Chose a direction that is best for us, and no-one else.
If we take the time to become aware of ourselves, we can see that there are pieces we can leave on the ground.
Those pieces that don’t serve us any more.
Like negative self talk, sabotaging behaviours, unhelpful and limiting beliefs, relationships or commitments.
By doing this, we break cycles, we prevent the same things happening again, and we step into an empowered position.
We can learn to trust ourselves again.

I took this time to recollect myself.
I accessed many modalities of healing. Some were random as hell! Some were life changing.
I reached out to my guidance and my very own soul sista .. Rechelle Mackay aka Free Spirit Woman and spent time learning and understanding the lessons life had given me so far.
People came into my life that reflected to me the wounds that still needed to be healed. Some also came as angels in human form who supported and guided me.
I researched and resaerched some more .. This is what i do best lol
I was able to remind myself that I am beautiful, I am important and I am worthy.
I was able to see myself as all my family and close friends do, and I love myself as much too.
My journey this has far has purpose.
And I want to share that purpose with you.

With love

Elissa xx

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